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Battlefield V – Review

Battlefield V is a 2nd world war depiction first-person shooter video game. With a violent war like gameplay, it definitely an addictive game with huge potential. It has two distinct modes of gameplay. One can enjoy multiplayer version as well as offline single-player mode.

Single Player mode

Most often Single-player modes are treated as elaborate tutorials for the multiplayer mode of the game. But in the case of Battlefield V, this is not the case. The three missions which take place in Northern Africa, Norway, German-occupied France have their own well-formed stories. Though these three missions are not full-on war mode they have interesting quests and flashy gameplay. The single-player mode is roughly 3 to 4 hours of gameplay depending on the difficulty level chosen.

Each mission has its stand-alone separate stories. Map has visuals of the desert fight of Africa to the snowy terrain of Norway. Compared to Battlefield I, the missions are half as long and feel less innovative with a constrain to remain in the designated map area with a 10-second warning. Though gameplay does not stand out in the single-player mode but the visuals and storytelling is exceptionally well done. These simple but elegant stories succeed in humanizing the war, even if the gameplay never seems to.

It is important to notice that the gameplay length of the Battlefield series is reducing consistently. Following the success of fortnight and PUBG, the single-player mode seems harder to develop and not a precondition for a successful game. So, we can expect this mode to be less prevalent in the following sequel.

Multiplayer Mode

Battlefield 5 multiplayer is a very addictive and hugely chaotic environment. Never before a war game looked so chaotic or so immersive. It’s chaotic and highly competitive nature makes it very addictive.

The 64-player multiplayer mode offers to change terrains of the different war map. The game is not afraid to adopt the hard-core rules of warlike, time to kill is much faster, damage from sniper is far lower than other shooting games. Most guns have only 2 magazines and recovery from a gunshot is also not very fast. Every team player regardless of their class can revive teammates. These features tend to facilitate team play and encourage team communication. There are historic 37 firearms from world war 2. Each with its own predictable recoil and the visual effect looks and feels fantastic.

The immersive and explosive display of gunplay and well thought maps for team play cuts to the heart of the World War 2 spirits.


Overall multiplayer mode is much more well developed and well thought out. But the game if riddled with many bugs that need much work to be done. There are frequent minor glitches and are worse sometimes the menu just stuck and there is no option to close the game. Developers are constantly fixing issues regarding gameplay. Within 6 months of bug fixing the game will get much mature and more polished. There is also a new single-player mission waiting to be added from November to December of 2020. Battlefield V can only get better from here with much smoother gameplay and more single-player missions. This is a must-play for gamers who enjoy first-person shooting games.

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