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Cyberpunk 2077

If you think of playing one cool role-playing game ahead of time I can assume you might think of Cyberpunk 2077. CD PROJECTS’ upcoming title: cyberpunk 2077 is a narrative- driven, open world RPG set in a dark version of the future.

Mike Pondsmith is the creator of this Cyberpunk franchise. The fourth release of Cyberpunk, named Cyberpunk Red, is set in 2045, following the occasions of Cyberpunk 2020 and filling in as a prequel to the computer game Cyberpunk 2077. The game is set after a fourth Corporate War; notwithstanding, the occasions vary from Cyberpunk V3.0, which is viewed as a different timetable.

Game map

Something otherworldly about the game map, it is on a superficial level, promising unlimited experiences and privileged insights just in each and every corner. We can see some real cyberpunk-style going on in the NIGHT CITY with six different districts like City Center, Heywood, Santo Domingo, Watson, Westbrook and Pacifica. Each district has own different culture. The journey begins in the neon-lit area called Watson. An entire stretch of desert land is surrounding NIGHT CITY.


The characters are fully customizable. As a role playing experience, so before getting into the game you need to define your backstory. Your choice here can make difference in your way ahead in the game. They’re going to be much more expansive branching narratives also with more varied combat.You can choose how you look with a deep customization system, which include body type, hairstyles, tattoos, makeup, skin tone and many many more. But visual aren’t everything – You’ll also be able to customize your initial attribute setup. Cyber punk 2077 features a fluid class-system, and you’ll be able to modify your class thought-out the game. It is first person role-playing game. This perspective enables us to maximize your immersion living in the future. As feature, you will be able to choose life paths and in according to that your entire opening of game would be changed. There are three life paths.


Nomad path start in Bandlands, a wasteland spotted with derelict buildings. Jackie welles someone to meet here. Nomad smugglers live in desert land. You have to face interrogations. As in the journey path you get to be with a sheriff whose distance from crime and corruptions.


Corporate path begins in the city, Arasaka Tower. A position of Arasaka agent would be offered with Access to elite. A body crammed full of the highest military-grade software will be yours. Agent Jenkins will be a part of journey which would begin in Night city. Lizzie’s Bar is another place to find Jackie and Mox gang. Corporate high pressure and high profile life would be your path this way.


The midway someplace of Corporate and Nomad is the street kid. The journey begins in El Coyote Cojo, Heywood dive bar which is a place full of friends and connection group for you. Kirk is resourceful ally in Night City. You will find him in the bar who would set up your first tasks.

Whatever path you choose will affect your characteristics in the game. It will reflect on the skills further. There are too many option for customizing.

Another feature is calling your personal vehicles without any host. Also you can hijacker any other vehicles you see. You will get own garage of cars.

You can explore another person’s memory though braindance, a mix-up of sonic complexity and Virtual reality. You will be able to get another person’s memory hoping outsides there body and scrubbing through a video timeline to explore a scene and uncovering secrets

Cyberware is an artificial projectile launch system. There are different amount of slots players can be able to work with. The revealed 19 spaces for Cyberware are brain (three slots), eyes, cardiovascular system (three slots), immune system (two slots), peripheral nervous system (two slots), skin (three slots), operating system (one slot), and skeletal system (one slot for hands, one slot for arms, and one slot for each leg).

You would be also provided with a vast number of weapons with different features. There are categories by rarity. They are: Common, uncommon, rare and legendary. The powerful they are the rare they to found and with very unique traits.

So get super pumped and think well which path you’re going to choose in cyberpunk 2077, life of future.

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