Return and Refund Policy:

Digital products are non returnable. But if the product you bought does not work as specified in the website listing then you are eligible to apply for a refund. You can apply for a refund within 7 days after purchasing a product. If you qualify for a refund, we will credit the full amount.

Before applying for a refund please contact our customer support if you face any problem with any product. Our support team will help you to resolve any issue with the purchased product. Our support team can go as far as checking your device through remote connection if needed. 

# How to apply for a refund?

Please contact our customer support with your order number through email. Specify the reason for asking for a refund in detail in your request. If necessary, attach screenshots of the issue. 

# How much time does it take to refund?

We try to make the refund as soon as possible. Usually, it takes a 24 hours for Mobile payments and 7-10 days for card payments. 

# When you are not eligible for refund ?

If the product is not compatible with your computer or mobile then you are not eligible for a refund. We recommend you to check system requirements for the product before purchasing it.

# Can I change a product after purchase?

Not all the time you can get the exchange offer. It depends on the availability of packages and products.